Review Process

The review procedure includes all articles submitted to the editorial office. The tasks of the review are to facilitate the strict selection of author's manuscripts for publication and make specific recommendations for their improvement. The review procedure is aimed at the most objective assessment of the content of a scientific article, determining its compliance with the requirements of the collection of scientific papers and assumes a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the article's materials.

The main principle of selection of publications presented in the collection of scientific papers "Bulletin of the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine. Series: Public Administration" - the availability of their professional evaluation. In order to be confident in assessing the quality of the article, the process of its evaluation is methodical and impartial.

The stages of its implementation are based on ethical principles, sound decisions and provide for:

1) receipt by the responsible secretary the package of documents (manuscripts of the author's article, reviews of it if the author does not have an academic degree, an extract from the protocol of the meeting of the structural unit on the recommendation of the author's article for the publication, which (statement) is duly certified; In English, the volume of 3000 characters with spaces, which contains the translation of all the headings of the article, the list of its author, application);

2) the primary check by the responsible secretary of the provided package of documents for the availability among them of the necessary materials and information;

3) in the case of a positive evaluation, when a package of documents is initially checked, it is sent to the reviewers, the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin, for acceptance, together with other members of the editorial board (depending on their specialization), on the conformity of the subject matter of the article, its structure, etc. to the requirements and the possibility of its publication.

In the process of reviewing, the main redactor and the members of the editorial board are guided by the policy of the collection of scientific papers "Bulletin of the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine. Series: Public Administration.”

The main purpose of the review procedure is to anticipate cases of poor quality of the conducted scientific research, to ensure coordination and balance of interests of authors, readers, the editorial board and the institution in which these studies were carried out. Reviewers evaluate the theoretical and methodological level of the article, its practical value and scientific significance. In addition, the review process determines the compliance of the article with the principles of ethics in scientific publications and provides recommendations for the elimination of cases of their violation.

Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors and refer to information not to be disclosed. Reviewers are prohibited from copying the article submitted for reviewing or using information about the content of the article before it is published. The review takes place taking into account the principles of confidentiality, according to which information on the article (the terms of receipt, content, stages and features of the review, comments of reviewers and the final decision on publication) is not disclosed to anyone other than authors and reviewers. Violation of this requirement is possible only if there are signs or statements about unreliability or falsification of the article's materials.

In case of receiving any comments from the reviewers, she returns to the author for revision.

The article sent by the author after the revision is sent for re-review. The final decision on the publication of the article after it is taken by the editor-in-chief.

The editors reserve the right to reduce and correct the sent articles.

Articles sent to authors for correction must be returned to the editor not later than 10 days after receipt. The return of the article in later terms accordingly changes the date of its receipt to the editorial office.